Monday, June 21, 2010

Need make-up tips that won't sweat off whilst bellydancing?

I'm very pale skinned with red hair, have my first bellydance performance next week and need hints on make-up that won't vanish within 3 seconds of me getting on stage. I dance very energetically and will sweat a lotNeed make-up tips that won't sweat off whilst bellydancing?
Go with waterproof stuff. For mascara, try Unstoppable from Maybelline. A lip- and cheek-stain is more long lasting than lipstick or blush. Try ME ME ME PussyCat Tint from Superdrug (as used by Charlotte Church). Also try a waterproof eyeliner. If you need foundation, try L'Oreal Infallible. It claims to fight make-up melt down, and stay on up to 16 hours.

Hope your performance goes great! I bellydance and it's harder than it looks! :)Need make-up tips that won't sweat off whilst bellydancing?
i swear by Lash Discovery waterproof mascara and Mary Kay's glitter eyeliner in kohl glitter. They look great, give you those exotic eyes and don't run. Any of the Revlon color stay line for eyeshadow and lipstick/gloss work wonders.
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use Max Factor for your face cause it's hard to sweat that stuff of.use Max Factor #2 inbetween ghost white and pale and more of a darker peach color.
Bare Escentuals has pretty good staying power because it is a poweder and not a liquid, I have noticed that the eye make has really great staying power if it is applied wet.

The foundation is really good because it doesn't look or feel cakey and it is really easy to freshen up with their ';mineral veil';

Its kind of hard to find though. Their website can give you store locations, you can order it on QVC, and it is available in some Ulta Stores and Sephora Stores.

Good luck!
For eye makeup, use a powder foundation (skin toned to gold), then a stick color (a color you like or a skin toned), then another layer of powder for color (whatever color you want.) Put on eyeliner before the last layer of powder. also, stick with using a waterproof mascara. For lips, use a mouisturizer (like a chap stick) then a powder (near the color of lipstick or a shimmering powder) then lipstick, then a little more shimmer powder. (I used a loose gold powder (actually an eye shadow) with everything for me.)
I use bare mineral products (u can find at Targets or Ulta) And they blind into your skin and will last for hours even if u sweat. They come in about 5 different shades. The don't cause bumps or irritate your skin.
Try revlon colour stay make up. It doesn't come off until you want it too!
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